What is a Good Credit Card Interest Rate to Look For?



Today, there are a lot of options in applying for a credit card. However, some of these companies offer a greater deal than their competitor and it is up to us to find and exploit that deal. The main concept of plastic is you buy the item or service now and then pay for it later. However, this comes at a price. By agreeing to this term we also agree to pay the card company a rate of interest and an annual membership fee.


The unfairness of life constantly amazes me. Today I was reading an article that appeared in a major newspaper. The article contained a stunning figure: Fully 43 percent of employers use credit reports as part of the vetting process for new hires.


Have you been turned down for loan applications for so many times? The last time that you applied for a job, did you find it difficult to be accepted even though you are highly qualified? How about when you were searching for an apartment, how long were you homeless, or close to being one?