Instant Approval Business Credit Cards For Entrepreneurs



The surge in applications for instant approval business credit cards has caused a dramatic increase in credit card usage among small business owners according to the 2009 Small Business Credit Card Survey. Since April, the top TARP recipients cut their small business loan balances by $8 billion dollars. While traditional loans have dried up and lines of credit get cut, banks have decided to funnel more of their small business lending with business credit cards.


Prepaid credit cards are like hybrid of traditional and debit cards. These cards works similarly like a credit card in virtually all aspect except you need to pay the spending limit upfront. Credit prepaid cards provides many benefits for cardholders and the most obvious one is that it prevents cardholders from exceeding their limit. There is absolutely no drafting from an account at all. Once the account is empty, you cannot use the card. You will have to deposit money again in order to make more purchases.


When signing up for a credit card you are actually entering into a contract with the bank. That contract was drafted by a team of attorneys to protect the interests of their client, the bank. Have you ever read the contract and all the fine print?