Fix Credit Sooner Rather Than Later



Acting fast and honest is the best way to fix credit and probably the most efficient. You need to build a healthy relationship with your creditor, because his interest is to get the money back from you, even if it takes more time than initially evaluated.


The crisis has managed to hit all of us in a way, and leave us hanging with a halved income. Besides the obvious problems that this situation causes, we are also limited in the ability to pay the credits we made before the financial troubles started in the world. Of course, we can use the excuse that we had no way of telling that such times would come, but even so, the payments will not go away and the creditors will need your money any way.


People need more money every day and they need it even if they seem to have enough. They need more money and to get more money they need credits. The excitement of getting initially free money is so high that they go and spend all the money in one week.